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Weaving Multicultural Competence into Clinical Supervision    
The CEU Workshop is designed to meet the State of Florida Statutes Training Requirements, 64B-6.0025.

Offered by Charles English & Associates, Provider# BAP 102, Expires 03/15

The January 2005, Journal of Mental Health Counseling highlighted the merits of mastery and expertise in the practice of mental health counseling. Goh (2005) recommended that more attention be given toward investigating the role of cultural competence in the research and practice of mental health counseling. Surely striving for cultural competence and developing expertise in counseling and supervision are both desirable objectives in the field of mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy and social work.

The purpose of the workshop is to review current laws and regulations pertaining to supervision of Registered Interns, graduate interns, and practicum students. The workshop will provide an overview of clinical supervision, its purposes, outcome and approaches. Particular attention will focus on addressing cross-cultural developmental issues of trainees and effective strategies for joining and intervening with culturally diverse and their families. 

Some topics that will be address in this workshop are:

  • Skills to develop a personal model of supervision
  • Understand to co-evolving dynamics of therapist-client and supervisor-therapist-client relationship
  • Explore distinctive issues that arise in supervision
  • Become familiar with legal, ethical, and regulatory issues of supervision
  • Understand the role of evaluation in supervision

Workshop Location:

1850 Lee Road, Suite 300
Winter Park, FL 32789-2107
Tel# (407) 740-8899 

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Courses provided by MCC/CWEA that offer continued education credits (CEU). for State of Florida Licensed 491 Providers

Domestic Violence in Diversity Populations & Others - Tracking 20-387231

In the last six months citizens in Central Florida have been horrified by a number of incidents of domestic that resulted in the death of innocence women. Several of these women have been women of color, and at least one occasion it was brought out that  women, specifically Haitian women are not being adequately protected from this kind of abuse. This unique will provide participants through interactive participation in a specific cultural specific experience to broaden assumptions of domestic violence. among women of color and others. In addition, participants will be about as the interest lead them. The primary intent of the session in increased awareness and stimulate thinking. The presenter will facilitate this process through personal disclosure among participants in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Professional Ethics & Boundary Issues - Tracking 20-307700

Professional counselors, psychologist and social workers need to operate under personal and professional codes of ethics, however, often these guidelines leave many questions unanswered. No single universally "right" answer exists for most ethical and boundary dilemmas. It is of most importance that professional remain familiarized with current professional, ethical, and legal issues that confront our role in a variety of settings. Rather than arriving at one answer, what is important is to continually think through ethical issues in a systematic manner.

Conflict Management Using Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques - Tracking# 20-291473

The focus of this workshop will be on developing and enhancing emotional awareness and professional skills that are evidence-based for training in aggression control.

Learning Objectives:
1. Demonstrate crisis prevention techniques used in therapeutic settings;
2. Demonstrate verbal intervention skills including the "Six 'C' of Conflict Management",
3. Demonstrate at least two physical interventions or effective methods of self-protections and,
4. Demonstrate understanding of fundamental processes of conflict resolution.

HIV/AIDS Prevention & Intervention for Behavioral Health Professionals - Tracking# 20-291473

The workshop will discuss the definition, dimension of the health problem, the role of the Behavioral Health professional, evidence based interventions and approaches with individuals, groups and communities. 

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify critical turning point in a brief history of HIV/AIDS;
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the dimensions of HIV/AIDS, national and statewide;
3. Demonstrate increased understanding of the role of the behavioral health professional in HIV/AIDS prevention on an individuals, group and community level; and
4. Identify three(3) evidence-based interventions and/or approaches that have shown effectiveness with individuals, groups or communities.

Co-Occurring Disorders in Addictions Counseling - Tracking# 20-236579

The institute for Addictions Resources is an addictions training provider certified by the Florida Certification Board to offer addictions counselor training.

On completion of the Co-occurring disorders workshop participants will:
a) Increase their understanding of essential elements in an integrated/collaborative approach to co-occurring disorders.
b) Gain knowledge of current research and practice on co-occurring disorders in substance abuse.
c) Gain skills in using a Bio-Psycho-Social Model with individuals with co-occurring disorders.
d) Explore evidence based approaches in developing care plans.
e) Practice application of course material to participants program or practice, through case study.
f) Learn to use online and other resources available co-occurring disorders.

Preventing Medical Errors in the Practice of Counseling & Psychotherapy
 - Tracking# 20-387326

Within the context of the clinical mental health profession, the term gross negligence refers to conduct so reckless or mistaken as to render itself virtually obvious to a layman without clinical training. Virtually all states have recognized the right to receive information about ones medical condition, the treatment of choices, risks associated with the treatments, and prognosis. This information must be in plain language terms that can readily be understood and in sufficient amounts such that a patient is able to make an informed decision about his or her health. This two hours session will provide participants a review of common medical errors and mistakes clinicians make that can cause them serious problems. Through interactive participation in reviewing Youtube vignettes participants will gain a better understanding of how to apply HIPPA regulations. In additions, participants will be introduced to a synthesis of counseling forms and processes that they can ponder, research, and learn more about as the interests lead them. The primary intent of the session is increased awareness and stimulate thinking. The presenter will facilitate this process through personal disclosure among participants in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

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